Beneath this Man book 2

Where to begin. Book 2 basically picks up where book 1 left off.
**This contains spoilers**

In case anyone forgot, Ava is still reeling over the fact that it’s indeed NOT a hotel that Jesse runs, but basically a “sex house” This was something us as readers figured out early on, probably at the first meeting of Jesse, but whatever, we already know Ava is a bit stupid. Anyways because Ava is known to think with her vagina, she of course runs back to Jesse after he’s drunk himself into a mini coma. He finally comes to, and he’s still telling her what to do. She has her attempts at “fighting” him off but as always, the vagina seems to win.
I don’t really understand these 2. This entire relationship screams abusive, psycho, crazy man. I was really hoping Ava would grow a back bone and put her foot down and finally scream that she doesn’t deserve to be treated the way he treats her, which is the equivalent of a 4 year old. Granted Ava does tend to act that way.
I don’t understand that no matter what horrible thing Jesse does, Ava somehow manages to turn it around and acts like it’s all her fault. Jesse could kill someone. And Ava being Ava, will say “well it’s because I made him ‘crazy mad’ a man is dead because of me…I should have listened to him”
‘Move in with me’ No she says, oh that’s ok I’l do what I always do and use sex as a weapon to ‘remind her’.
Marry me? Oh let me handcuff her to the bed where she’ll have no choice but to say yes.
THESE ARE SIGNS OF A CRAZY PSYCHOPATH. Jesse should be seriously locked away and medicated.

This book is a train wreck but I seriously can’t look away from it, because I want to read about the disaster that’s taking place. Jesse is domineering, controlling, and seriously let’s discuss the elephant in the room. WHY ARE YOU STEALING YOUR GIRLFRIENDS BIRTH CONTROL? Because knocking her up will only make the already f*cked up relationship make sense right? Not to mention when Ava finds out, she brushes it off. It was like “oh they brought me a baked potato instead of mashed potato’s no big deal” That’s something you brush off, not the fact that your boyfriend stole your contraceptives against your will.
I guess these 2 deserve each other, because well, they’re just not all right in the head. Let’s see what’s so special about book 3.


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