Fixed on You by Laurelin Page

You ever have one of those friends that is so exhausting you feel like you need to take a Xanax and some tylenol and maybe a shot or 2 of gasoline, with a dash of formaldehyde just to deal with them? Yeah that’s how I felt if I was ever friends with Alayna.

Let’s get to the point. Girl is crazy. Nope, that was being too generous. Girl is bat shit crazy. You know how on Orange is the new black there’s crazy eyes? Crazy eyes is 110% sane compared to Alayna.

So here’s the jist/Spoilers.
Alayna is crazy (we established this) but she’s smart. Book smarts I would say, has an MBA blah blah blah. So instead of doing something with her degree, she works in a bar. I guess i’ll give her that since i’m sure half the population doesn’t do anything with their degree. Anyways her brother who basically supports her, tells her he no longer will do that. She of course gets pissed, throws a little child like tantrum.
Enter in Hudson. The billionaire who propositions her pretty woman/indecent proposal style and says “hey, pretend to be my girlfriend and i’ll pay all your bills” Alayna basically things oh my i can’t do that, but of course says yes.
Alayna has this ridiculous past that we don’t know too much about, but we do know that a previous boyfriend has filed a restraining order against her. Red flag there.
After sleeping with Hudson, she immediately goes into “we can’t do this anymore ever again mode” Hudson is all “ok”. Want to know what happens next? Alayna completely flips the freak out. She goes from “we should only be platonic” to OMG WHY IS HE NOT RETURNING MY TEXT. Again, symptoms of a psycho but you know whatever. She gets upset that he’s doing exactly what she has told him.
We go through more chapters of her mood swings, meeting his overbearing mother where Alayna doesn’t hold back in calling his mother a b****. Maybe I’m the only one that was raised to respect your elders, even if they are being a b***h. More chapters, and finally they agree to try a relationship. I’ve started book 2, and already she’s making me want to pull my hair out


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