Found in You. Book 2

Ok, so I’ve just gotten done with book two of the trilogy called Found in You. I feel the need to focus a little more on the craziness that is Alayna once more. Mostly to prove my point that she is in fact crazy just by going off of book 1, but I now want to point out a few scenes in book 2
Encounter 1
Alayna finally gets invited to Hudson’s house as an overnight guest. The next morning, he’s all hey go take a shower there’s a robe, a toothbrush some other stuff you need. She’s brushing her teeth and her crazy antics kick in. She stars wondering why he has a robe, or why he has women toiletries, or whatever, so she decided the best way to handle this is to go into crazy bitch mode, gathers all the stuff and immediately confrtons him, wanting to know about all the other women he’s been with. She finally stops talking long enough for Hudson to point out the fact that everything is brand new and that they were for her. Then she’s all “oh now I feel embarrased”

Encounter 2
Hudson, orders a bunch of books for his library for Alayna, which he ordred the night he went out of town for business.
She immediately starts saying “I convinced myelf you didn’t have time to call me but you did” because he had taken the time to order books.
So if Hudson needed to take a shit, because he had time to do that, she would most likely get pissed that he in fact did not call her.

And last but not least
Encounter 3.
In this scene, Ayana finds out she doesn’t have to work that night, and now wants to hang out with Hudson but he says he has plans with his mother, it’s her birthday. Now as you may have remembered from book 1, Hudson’s mother Sophia, and Alayna do NOT get along. In fact the insults that are traded between the both of them is downright embarrassing. So now we have Alayna on freak out mode, blubbering like the idiot she is because she wasn’t invited to have dinner with the person she hates. Hudson finally gives in, and invites her. Then she’s all “oh no i don’t need to come” blah blah blah.

So the point is. Her drama, is all self created.

The point is, Alayna should never be allowed to talk. Ever. In fact I’m seriously questioning her so called MBA. Hudson seems way too smart to have to deal with this girl, yet for some reason he wants her. I’ll never get it but whatever, I’m not the one dating a psycho stalking freak. Really excited to see her on a scale of 1 to batshit in book 3


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