Gabriel’s Inferno

How in the world this book has almost 5 stars is beyond me. I’ve never struggled reading a book so bad in my life. Any other book that I’ve given poor reviews, makes me want to go back and give them 5 stars when compared to this book. I seriously doubt I’ll even read the other books, if they’re anything at all like this one.

************This may contain spoilers*************

We start off the book being introduced to the innocent virginal Julia. Julia is often compared in the book to an animal, mostly a rabbit. Why she’s often referred to as a little rabbit starts to get a little disturbing, cause now she’s being referenced as someones pet.

Anyways, turns out she’s met this gabriel person before, and he starts out being a complete dick to her. I had to give her props for standing up to him, and putting her foot down when he pissed her off. Of course once he realized she was his beloved beatrice, he then wanted to have her.

They spend hours talking about dante, or speaking in italian. Julia and both Gabriel are harvesting a deep dark secret. Julia seems repulsed by nine inch nails and she can’t bring herself to tell Gabriel why or her deep dark secret. So right away we’re thinking OMG this is going to be good right? WRONG. Once you find out what this secret is, you seriously want to take a dirty razor blade and cut all of her hair off. You will also ask her to punch herself in the face. She’s going around acting like this was the most devastating thing to ever happen to anyone in their entire life. Girl needs to grow up, and move on.

Then Gabriel reveals his secret….um ok…yeah that sucks, you grew up, you made better decisions…sorry about that.
Fast forward about 25 more chapters and finally, FINALLY it’s give up her V card. I’ve never seen anyone drag out sex the way gabriel did. It’s oh no let me lay you down, let me stare into your eyes for hours and speak to you in italian, and then when it’s about time, let’s argue for 20 minutes about who should be on top. OMFG DO IT ALREADY SERIOUSLY. Then afterwards, he wanted to check her over. I’m sorry but I will always look at gabriel as a potential child molester when it comes to Julia. What is with all the darn coddling, I mean seriously, she’s treated like a 6 year old.
I seriously doubt i’ll be reading the next 2 books. I gave this book 1 star, but that was being generous.


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