The Arrangement: The Ferro Family book 10

Ok I had to stop reading this at 60% in. I seriously cannot deal with Avery anymore. It was right at the moment where Avery who is as bright as a bleach soaked tampon, decided that since no one was listening to her and that she was old enough to take care of herself, had the genius idea that if she was to jump from a railing would that prove her point. You know what Avery I hope you die. You’re an attention seeking twit, that claims to be a hooker, even though you’ve slept with 1 man ever, and is so desperate to keep this man you travel all the way to where he is, gets jealous and then propose. Not to mention, she’s extremely irrational. She doesn’t stop throwing a child like tantrum long enough to actually LISTEN to what is trying to be told to her. She is seriously screwed up in the head. you suck at your job and you suck at life in general, and really shouldn’t be allowed to talk to people ever again.


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