This man confessed book 3

I think of the entire series, this one was my favorite. And not just because we were finally done with the ridiculousness that is Ava and Jesse. Ok yes, it is because that this was the last we have to hear from Ava and Jesse. However, what stood this book from the other 2 books, was this one actually had drama. Not just any drama but good drama.


We start the book off with a wedding. I believe it was 2 weeks after Jesse basically forced Ava to say yes to his marriage proposal they’re getting married. Jesse of course immediately breaks the rule about seeing the bride before the wedding, and not to be outdone, as her father was getting ready to walk her down the aisle, Jesse sweeped down the aisle, stood beside her, handcuffed her then walked her down the aisle. What a slap in the face to Ava’s father. His only joy in life was probably to walk his only daughter down the aisle and Jesse completely took that from him. Not to mention that’s what every girl wants with her wedding dress. Handcuffs. This was probably the point Ava’s parents should’ve intervened, told Jesse to screw off before taking their daughter out of there.
Moving on, Ava starts feeling ill and Jesse asks “what do you think this is”
For those that remember, Jesse has been stealing her birth control. Ava knows it, but since he hasn’t outright said it, she is ignoring the obvious. However when it finally comes out, she has the audacity to get upset. I guess I wasn’t sure the reason to get upset with something you already knew.
Fast forward some chapters of them arguing, Jesse getting his way again…no big shocker there. Ava whining, let me put back on my shocked face, some more drama happens, I think FINALLY CRAP WILL HIT THE FAN. Of course it’s fixed. I guess I was hoping one of the dramatic issues that happened to actually be true. Either Ava going through with the termination of pregnancy, losing the babies, or Jesse being the father of Coral’s baby. I was just wanting something major to throw a wrench into their already ridiculous lives..but alas we get a happy ending. It’s another fairytale. A royally screwed up relationship, where they should be seeking therapy, but a fairytale nonetheless.
Their children…yeah could probably both use a good spanking, the girl is a mini bratty version of Ava, and the son is just like his dad.
But the best news….the series is over.


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