Forever with you Book 3

I was putting off reading the 3rd and final installment of the Found in you trilogy.  As stated in my previous reviews it’s a known established point that Alayna is basically bat shit crazy.  I still don’t know why Hudson puts up with her.  He’s all you can trust me., I have to go to work.  And she’s all “why didn’t he text me back…whose he with, what’s he doing”  You really get to the point where you want to literally shake the shit out of her, and then rearrange your entire life where your only purpose in life is to make her cry.

Case in point. Alayna and Hudsons mother hate eachother.  They in fact loathe each other.  Alayna puts off her work duties to spend it with Hudson.  Hudson has other plans.  Cause you know, heaven forbid Hudson has a life outside of her right?  She sits there and cries and he finally tells her he’s going to a birthday dinner for his mom.  She then basically throws a fit and cries because he didn’t invite her, until he finally caves and invites her.  WTF.  Why would you willingly want to go to a place you’re not clearly wanted.  I understand they hate each other, but if I was Sophia, i would’ve basically thrown them both out for ruining my birthday even if I was an evil spiteful bitch.

Then Alayna of course proves what a shitty friend she is to basically anyone she considers a friend.  She’s “that girl” ladies.  “That girl” that you will neve hear from, UNLESS her and her man has a fight.  And then, it gets better.  She’ll want to “hang out” to show she cares about you and whatever you may be going through, but spend the entire time talking about herself.  Alayna is a winner.  Anyways, I’m glad the series is over.  I was just hoping someone would off her to be honest with you.  We seriously could have gone 24 hours without listening to her shit.




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