VIP by M. Robinson

This was probably one of the longest books I’ve read, that was actually just 1 book. Towards the end I wanted to take a bottle of rubbing alcohol as well as some Pet nail clippers and use them both on Sebastian, in no particular order. I then probably wanted to use a meat cleaver just in case he didn’t get my warning. This is in no way a bad book. This book was actually Fantastic.
***This may contain spoilers, OK it has a little bit of spoilers so don’t be shocked***
As I went from each chapter, I thought I would have a big problem with this story basically starting at childhood for both of the main characters. But surprisingly I didn’t mind it. I liked all the excessive detailing. Because it all had a point. There was even a scene where my heart stopped with emotions. You got to know what the characters were like, and why the way they were. I didn’t expect this to end the way it did, but however, what I saw that you don’t often see was the fact that Sebastian and his wife Julia were adults about it. They didn’t prolong the inevitable just for the sake of looks. This book ended with me sad, and happy.


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