When You Are Mine by Kennedy Ryan

Every now and then we come across “one of those books” You know what I’m talking about. One of those books, that makes you forget that you have to go to sleep at night. One of those books that make you angry that you have to go to work when all you want to do is read that book. One of those books where you’re seriously contemplating about calling in sick the next day to work just so you can finish your book. No judging for those that has done that, as well as I may or may not have done that 🙂

I’ve only had a handful of books that made me feel this way, and this was definitely one of them. I’m your typical hopeless romantic. I try seeing the good in everything I read. I try not to get so quickly pissed off because the main characters are so annoying (in most cases it’s the female lead) which makes me want to throw my kindle against the wall. This is shocking since I’m that person that says “you can steal my wallet, but do NOT steal my kindle”

Not to put too much spoilers but beware there may be some. Ok there actually are some.


We’re introduced to 3 characters. A love triangle if you will. Which are hard to write, because you never know which team you’re on. You have Kerris whom I haven’t quite figured out if it’s pronounced like Carrie but with a silent s, or as in Care-Is. Cam, Kerris’s boyfriend, and Walsh. The best friend of Cam. Everything is happy go lucky with Cam and Kerris until Walsh enters the picture. Of course that sends everything to hell, because surprise surprise Walsh wants Kerris. Walsh has this issue where he feels like Kerris should be his, like they’re meant to be.

Kerris has felt this spark but she’s devoted. Which is good. Throughout the book I was on Team Kerris and Cam, which took a turn when Cam became nasty. I would also label him as abusive. Not physically, but emotionally abusive. I understand his right for being angry the way he was, however I was not a fan of the words that came out of his mouth.

There was drama. Not just drama between the 3 of them, but other drama that had me crying, mostly because that particular situation hit too close to home.

I started off as a rooter for Cam and Kerris, but at this point, I think I would honestly want Kerris to just be Kerris. She’s demonstrated that she’s not weak, and can take care of herself. I would love it if Kerris basically said screw you both. But we’ll have to wait for book 2, to see if this will end with your typical happy ending, or will we all just be surprised that someone can hold their own and create their own happy ending.


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