Taking it All book 3 by Maya Banks

Out of all 3 books, this one was probably my favorite. It was less boring. That being said let’s dive in.


Book 3 is regarding Chessy, and her relationship with her husband Tate. Tate works a lot and has been basically ignoring Chessy. I guess I wouldn’t say ignoring her, but hasn’t paid as much attention to her for a while now. Naturally Chessy is hurt by this, and wants her husband. My first thought of Chessy is, ok your husband makes the money. He works at all different hours, often having to come home late, or leaving events you guys are at because he’s the sole money maker of the house. So it had me thinking, what does Chessy do? She doesn’t work, and hasn’t since they’ve been married because Tate has made it clear that he wants to take care of her. So basically Chessy sits at home all day, will occasionally meet the other 2 girls for lunch, but basically she does nothing.

And that’s basically where I got irritated. You’re a house wife that does nothing. How about maybe working? If he doesn’t want you to work fine, but maybe volunteer somewhere. Use your time wisely. Otherwise you’re just shown as a woman that stays at home all day waiting for her husband who may or may not even show up on time. And then has the audacity to basically complain how he always chooses work over here. I understand her point of view to a point but that’s it. I wonder if she would say the same thing if he was a doctor and heaven forbid he was called in to do emergency surgery. Or what if he was in the military and was deployed. Would she still complain then? I understand wanting time with your husband but Chessy was just ridiculous herself.

Fast forward to their anniversary where Chessy finds him with another woman, having a business meeting. Yeah that was something I would be pissed at, because it was your anniversary and he was doing a business meeting. Yes that was grounds to basically flip the flip out. They talk it out and he makes it up to her. Fast forward to their little treat at “The House” without going too much into detail there, that was in my eyes unforgivable. That was grounds for Chessy to go her separate ways and not even look back. But naturally like the rest of the girls she’s friends with she goes back to him. Thanks for almost proving you had a backbone when you basically turned into a Loser. It didn’t matter a baby was now involved. But whatever. I understand fighting for your marriage…but really? Were you not there when you were basically almost raped by another man? Maybe not, maybe I imagined that entire scene in the book.  Overall this book was better than the first 2, way better than book 2 which bored me. And everybody gets your basic happily ever after fairy tale ending.


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