Heated by J. Kenner

I was really excited for this book. The main character in this book is a cop. Not just any cop, she’s a detective. So I’m automatically thinking awesome. Law and Order. This girl is going to go in there and basically shut the whole thing down.

Then we quickly note that she’s not really on assignment, she’s on medical leave. Ok that’s fine but still law and order. This woman will shut everything down.

Then my 5 minutes of excitement got basically destroyed. I also made a mental note to myself that if I ever needed to count on her for police work. I would rather call on a podiatrist.

Never have I been so wrong on a character.

Sloane quickly proved that she suffered from a little something I like to call as TWV. Thinks with Vagina. That was all made clear within the first few pages of this book, and her vagina basically had the lead role throughout the entire book. I’ve basically questioned her integrity with her career, not to mention once she was found out, she behaved extremely erratic. So if this was a real operation would she still have acted the way she did?

I gave this 3 stars. Would I recommend it? Egh, there were some good parts, but I think at the end of the day I was ok with skipping it. I am ready to be disappointed with the final book though.


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