Mid-Life Love by Whitney G

This was actually really good, however there were more parts of the story where I wanted to take a rusty serrated knife and basically pry off all of Claire’s fingers, and then soak her fingers in ammonia.  Just because for no other reason other than the fact that not only she frustrated Jonathan but for frustrating the crap out of me.  It also got to the point where whenever Claire mentioned their age or how this between them was just sex, everyone should take shots.  You would be drunk within 5 minutes




Ok here’s the jest.

Claire is happily married.

Claire is soon devastated by her marriage after being married for over 14 years.

Claire divorces.

Claire can’t seem to pick her life back in order.


Jonathan sees Claire and basically wants to worship the ground she walks in.

Claire spends about 80% of the book saying how he’s too young for her, and that he’ll drop her for a much younger cupcake

Jonathan does everything in his power to ensure her that she is the one for him.

Claire feels threatened and leaves Jonathan

Jonathan of course is pissed but does not go after her.  This had me a little shocked.

3 months go by they meet again at a party.

Jonathan gives her an ultimatum.

Claire makes the WRONG decision

Why did Claire make the wrong decision?  Because she simply spent so much time thinking it was Jonathan that was childish when it in fact was her all along.


Jonathan pulls an oh snap moment and basically pretends she never exists, including having security escorts her away.  Even I was like man you dirty dog, but she deserved that. she deserved worse than that.  I mean Jonathan basically did anything and everything for this girl…

By this point, I was starting to seriously think Claire was a gold digger.


Fast forward to a better ending and now we’re into book 2.  I really really hope Claire isn’t going to make me want to kill her.


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