Mid Life Love: At Last by Whitney G

I am so glad this book is over. But I’m actually kind of sad, I really really liked it. I was even more impressed that this time around Claire didn’t make me want to jump head first into an oncoming car….well ok she did, but it wasn’t as much as me wanting to basically set her on fire like she did in book 1.
This isn’t my typical review, it’s more of what I like and didn’t like about the book. Well look at that, I guess it is a typical review.


What I did like about the book. Jonathan was a lot more, territorial I should say. For some reason that’s a big one for me and I tend to like a character who is all possessive, but not over the top possessive as I’ve seen with other books where the female lead basically had to ask if she could go to the bathroom.

Claire’s twins Ashley and Caroline are teenagers in college, although instead of me picturing them as actual teens, I picture then as 6 year olds because that’s exactly how they act. Now that they know they’re about to have a rich step father they basically use Jonathan. He overnights them dinner, he bought them their own car, they complain they only got $300 instead of $500 for the week. Are you flipping kidding me? I’m really disappointed that they weren’t raised to have better manners and to appreciate things and to work for it but instead they basically act like everything needs to be handed to them.

Claire wins the award for the most elaborate, gaudy, ridiculous wedding planning on the face of this earth. I understand her need to have this ‘perfect wedding’ because she didn’t get that with her first marriage because they didn’t really have the money, but let’s face it , half the crap she wanted was just overly pretentious and ridiculous. It got to the point where I wanted Jonathan just to say F this and leave her. Although her wedding plan was a bit ridiculous and over the top.

The major flaw/issue I had with both books, was that you didn’t know when they jumped from one scene to the next. There was no little separation marks or extra spaces to indicate that the chapter had in fact jumped to the next scene. Other than that, the story line was good. I would recommend this book, and look forward to reading more from this author.


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