On The Record book 2 by K.A Linde

I could not have been more excited to be done with this book. This book dragged and dragged and dragged, and it got to the point where I didn’t even care if I finished it. The problem with this book is Liz, the main female character.
**spoilers about the major parts of the book which honestly I don’t think anything happened till chapter 10, so feel free to skip to that.**

Liz. She’s a liar, she’s a b****, and has no problem hurting someone she supposedly loves because she refuses to get over someone that basically told her he does not want her in her life.
Yet she can’t leave this person alone. So what does she do, she calls him and then her conscious kicks in. Well I’m not sure if she ever had one, since in my mind Liz is basically a whore.
Liz then has the audacity to feel ‘guilty’ over what she’s done, finally breaks down to tell Hayden, who basically reacts how any other guy would react after his girlfriend that he loves and cherishes just told him that she cheated on him with a congressman.
Hayden made valid points, he basically said, what I said in book 1. Brady used Liz to basically get her vote. He only wanted Liz when it convenience him and nothing more. It just happen to work out that in Liz’s one track mind that’s controlled by oysters, that she fell in love with him.
Hayden reacted, Liz felt like crap for hurting him. Time passes, Hayden does the unthinkable, but you have to realize…boyfriend scorned and Liz has the nerve to get pissed at him.
So what does Liz do? She of course runs to Brady who then says “oh he raped you”… No Hayden did not, Liz had a voice, and said absolutely nothing, and in fact she was completely into the idea.
Would I recommend this book? Well that depends, do you like books that basically repeat the same thing over and over again, and then you realized you read half the book before anything remotely interesting happening? Then yes this is the book for you. If not, don’t even bother, I’ve already wasted my time for you. I seem to have issues with books I read by this author. Don’t get me wrong the writing is good, it’s very well writing, but the story lines make you want to run head first into an oncoming bull. I’m not sure how she thinks of these annoying characters but I’m pretty sure I’ll skip book 3. It’s already going to be predictable so there’s no need to waste more time.  Basically, this book is extremely boring
2 stars.


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