Addicted by Zane

So, I was told that I just HAD to read this book.  Especially since the movie is coming out and I just had to read it, because it’s just too good for words.

Well I have some words for this book but nothing is good.  This book was absolutely horrible.  I then realized about half way in that I in fact read this book before, probably when it first came out and I thought it was so horrible then, that I couldn’t even remember the fact that I tried reading it before.  I remember memorable books.  This was anything but memorable.

Zoe.  I don’t even know where to begin with her.  She has this extremely successful business career which I’m proud of, yet she talks and acts extremely ‘ghetto’.  It got to the point where anything that came out of her mouth that was obnoxious (which was about 70% of the book) I wanted to take some sandpaper and literally sand paper her eyes out.  It’s close to almost half the book where we even get into anything the book is supposedly about because we had to spend an unnecessary amount of time discussing her childhood which in all honesty could’ve been discussed in 1-2 chapters’ tops, since the ending felt too rushed.

I didn’t really understand how she supposedly had a sexual addiction because she only had 3 other lovers.  2 if you count the fact that one of them happened just 1 time.  But I think if we cut out the first half of the book talking about her as a child and delved more into making her “addiction” a bigger deal than what it was portrayed to be would’ve been better.

I’m glad Jason and Zoe decided to take their vows to heart and work on their marriage but another part of me wanted Jason to leave, since he deserves better than a wife that cheats and lies to him on a daily basis.

And I’m sorry but I don’t recall a mention of a single condom in any of her affairs, so not only was Zoe having unprotected sex with 2 other men, but also going home and having unprotected sex with her husband.  So it’s safe to say that Zoe is that dumb and stupid to put not only her health at risk but her husbands.  This could’ve been way more interestig if Zoe managed to get pregnant since she was having sex with them all basically back to back.  That would’ve been a real page turner right there and then Jason could’ve left her ungrateful behind

Overall I give this book 2 stars.  I wouldn’t recommend it


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