Something Wonderful. Book 2 by M. Clarke

I was originally set against to read this book, mostly because at the end of book 1, it said everything would be from Max’s point of view. That wasn’t the case. Some of it was, but we were also introduced to Max’s brother Matthew, as well as Jenna’s best friend Becky. Reading about Matthew and Becky made the book a hell of a lot better. These 2 were not boring as I thought Max and Jenna was. In fact the entire books should have been based off of those 2. The book wasn’t bad, I actually liked it. I only wished book 1 was way more interesting and with more charismatic than the way it was presented.
I give book 2, 3/5 stars and would recommend it. I would say skip book 1 since it’s all too predictable.


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