Torture to Her Soul by J.M Darhower

This was actually WAY better than book 1. I’m guessing it’s because it’s from the males point of view. Which means there’s less whining and crying and emotions like there usually is when it’s from the females point of view.
This basically picked up right where book 1 ended. As you remember Naz did the unthinkable, and basically thought hmm how can I piss off my girlfriend. Oh I know, I’ll tell her that I was planning on basically killing her, as well as her entire family but since I fell in love with you, i’ll just kill your family”. So in book 1, he killed her father. Naturally she’s pissed. Seriously who wouldn’t be? Can you imagine the holidays? The awkward conversations around the big elephant in the room that a person at the table killed a family member.
So, this picked up where we left off.
Karissa gutted and confused and basically kept hostage at Naz’s house, although he’s told her she’s free to go, but that doesn’t mean he won’t find her. In the first 4 chapters it’s basically quiet since the only think Karissa can do is to ignore him, and to ignore him hard. He’s giving her space but you can easily see the frustration building up. What did you expect you killed her father and is after her mother. They eventually comes to blow.
More ignoring, and sharp comebacks from Karissa but of course she’s one of those that’s conflicted between loving a murderer or having the brains to leave him. I liked Naz in this book. I didn’t so much the first book. We got to learn more about him. The story line great. The writing great. Karissa having brains. Not so great. I think at some point I began to feel sorry for Naz and found myself telling him he could do so much better than being with this child. I do look forward to any future readings by this author.


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