Raw by Belle Aurora

OOOEMMMGEEE is the only way to describe this book.  I am officially stunned. Its not always a book makes a big impression on me, but after reading this book, I now feel the need to read EVERY book by this author.  I have no idea why I put this book off.  It’s been sitting on my Kindle for months, and I kept saying, yeah I’ll get to it.  Meanwhile I ended up reading mediocre books, and finally decide to see what this is all about.  So to sum this up, this book basically F****d with my emotions.  I’m starting off going ok this book is about a woman that’s in love with her stalker.  Girl needs serious help.  In fact she should probably be locked up.  But I like her.  I instantly like her.  She’s not your normal dumb, idiotic, superficial heroine that we’re normally used to.  This girl actually makes a difference in people’s lives.  She puts others before her.  Now I’ll admit she still does have that trait all the others have such as thinking with her vagina, but it isn’t as bad as the others I’ve read.  I really don’t want to give away any spoilers like I normally do, and just hope people take the time to read it.  The fact that I had thoughts calling in sick just to finish this book really says a lot.  For the love of God I seriously hope there’s a book 2.  I don’t normally want to read a 2nd and 3rd, and 4th book for a series.  It gets dragged on.  But please let there be a 2nd book.

Book rating 5/5

Would I recommend it?  Fuck yeah I do.


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