Vain series 1-3 by Deborah Bladon

I was trying to rate this overall, but this last book, was just horrible. In fact the only reason I even read this series was to be fillers for the book I was waiting to be released. It starts out where book 2 left off.



So they were still having that argument that basically went like this

Him: go

Her: no

Him: go

Her: no


Over and over again. I did give her props for the 3 months they were broken up; she hadn’t contacted him in 2 of those 3 months. However all props quickly went out the window the moment I learned that as soon as he requested her in NY, she literally dropped what she was doing to run to him. So I guess its ok for a guy to cut you out of his life but as soon as he calls you all of a sudden appear. Why can’t we have a book where the heroine has a strong backbone and if she must go back to the guy, make him work for it. Make him scared that he will never see her again. Anyways, fast forward to more talking in circles about the exact same shit over and over again, and the next thing you know you’re in the epilogue. Thank God. Then you find out there’s a 4th book to continue their love story. As far as I’m concerned these 2 can go fuck themselves. She’s a whore, and he’s a pansy ass that can’t get over his scar. Newsflash asshole. There are worst things than having a scar on your face. Things like I don’t know, losing a limb, losing an organ, losing a loved one. But a scar on your face, and what people would think about it? You’re in New York, seeing people you would probably NEVER see again. It’s nice to know that’s he’s a superficial asshole.


2 stars, and I would not recommend it, unless you’re looking for 3 books under 100 pages to quickly past and/or waste your time.


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