For the Record. Book 3 by K.A Linde

So I’m finally getting around to reviewing this book.  Let it be known that I was not thrilled to read it, especially since I gave the first 2 books such low ratings.  This was mostly due to the fact that Liz is a complete twat, and well that has not changed ladies and gentleman if you were in fact hoping so. Let me not disappoint you by saying she has gotten smarter, because if anything she’s gotten dumber to the point where it would be embarrassing to be her friend.  Just to highlight a few things that really struck me.  In book 2, and I did comment on this in book 2, how there was a scene where Liz had sex with Hayden.  I believe Brady later called it a rape.  It was in fact NOT a rape. This was again brought up in book 3 for reasons I don’t know why other than to make accusatory claims that are again completely false stating that Hayden forced Liz to have sex with him.  That is not what happened, and it’s really heartbreaking that something that is taken so seriously and happens every second of the day, is thrown into this book in such an off way.  I don’t know maybe someone needs to explain that part better to me.  Moving on, other than establishing that Liz is a liar, she’s also a hypocrite.

Liz having her inner monologue is saying “if things were reversed she would she done the same thing. She would have written the article and published it. She would have done it without blinking. But it sitll hurt knowing that her friend had done it to her”   So basically, Liz would have no problem doing her job, no matter what it meant, but others are not allowed to do their jobs, to benefit themselves….well that doesn’t seem very fair does it?

Another example of Liz being a hypocrite “Brady’s ex-girlfriend spoke to the press saying he cheated on her with me while they were dating.”

“Well didn’t you?

“I mean yeah, that one night in October but we stopped.”

IT STILL HAPPENED LIZ. It doesn’t matter if it was a kiss. You still cheated.  I’m taking up a fund to buy Liz a dictionary on the definition of cheating since apparently she has no friggin idea.  Rules don’t apply to her, only to everyone else.

I had to force myself to finish it.  The first 2 books were all about Liz and this important career she had but in book 3, she literally lost EVERYTHING career wise.  Everything literally went down the drain and Brady was all “oh I’m sorry to hear that”.  He wasn’t exactly jumping to make sacrifices like she had.  I guess it would be nice to see someone with a spine not giving up their dreams for a guy, and for once putting themselves first.  But no, there was too much of Liz’s Vagina doing the talking for an actual storyline to make any of this or their mediocre relationship seem even remotely believable.  I couldn’t even convince myself this was a real couple, in a real relationship.  The only person worthwhile would be Hayden who deserves a million times better than Liz

2 stars out of 5


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