Tears of Tess by Pepper Winters

This book was good but really slow at the same time.  I’ve seen comments about it being too dark, but I guess compared to what I read it could’ve been a lot darker.


Tess starts off as this sweet girl that’s in this really good relationship with a guy that would do basically anything for her, and loves her unconditionally.  However Tess wants more.  Sex wise.  She wants to kink it up.  She presents this idea and it backfires.  Ok kind of saw that coming.  Fast forward to a vacation gone wrong and the next thing you know Tess has been kidnapped and sold.  What I liked about Tess, was she’s a fighter.  Girl did not take any crap whatsoever, but at times I wanted to be like for Fucks sake Tess shut up.  Then I realized oh wait, she was sold and stripped of her dignity.  Carry on Tess.  Continue to make everyone’s life a living hell.   Tess is sold to a guy named Q.  Fast forward a lot of talking, she plots her escape, manages to make a phone call to her boyfriend, thinks she’s being taken to the police but instead taken elsewhere and is raped and beaten.  I felt bad for Tess a lot in this book, but at the same time I wanted her to just be quiet and listen, and then finally she’s sent back home, only to be there a few months and then to return back to Q.  Tess, Tess, Tess. I really don’t see this going well.


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