Quintessentially Q (Monsters in the Dark #2) by Pepper Winters

This book was so nerve racking.  I don’t think I ever felt so bad for a character before.  Tess has had everything in life taken away from her.  In book 1, she was sold, but fought for her life, and learned to accept Q, and eventually she learned that she loved him.  He returned her to her family, where she later decided Q is where she belonged, so she returned giving herself to him.  He accepted her back and gave herself fully to him.
Not long after, she sensed danger, brushed it off, and she was once again stolen right from under him.  After that, all hell broke lose.  My heart shattered.  She was drugged, beated, forced to beat other prisoners against her will all to survive.  She was no longer Tess.  Meanwhile Q was pulling his hair out racking up airlline miles flying from country to country with any type of lead trying to locate Tess and doing everything in his power.  The day finally came.  By then Q had basically gone crazy.  Some would probably even say even crazier than Tess.  No matter what he fought for her, even when she stopped fighting.  And she did stop fighting but he continued, even if he had to kill her.


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