Twisted Together (Monsters in the Dark #3) by Pepper Winters

This had to be the second best book of the series. There was so much going on, I’m pretty sure I had my jaw open a good majority of the time. After what went down in book 2, I honestly thought there was no fixing Tess, so I had no idea how this book was even going to go, but at the same time, this book dragged, and at some point I had to check to see how long I had been reading this book, and was just like come on already get to the damn point.
Few Spoilers.
I hate that Q got kidnapped. I really did, but what I hated even more than that, was when it came down to rescue Q, and Tess wanted to kill the man responsible for kidnapping Q. Tess all of a sudden acted like she was in chage. Tess storming through rooms, not listening to a single thing anyone told her. I’m sorry Tess, I don’t think you’ve been properly trained on ANY type of covert secret mission involving basically bringing down a mafia, but all of a sudden, because you have a gun in your hand, you’re acting like you’re on CSI. Bitch please. How about you stand down and sit your ass back and leave this to the professionals and then when they say you can enter, you do that. Stop putting everyone else’s lives at risk. No one else that doesn’t needs to die, needs to die because of you!
Fast forward, blah blah blah. Glad it’s over actually. Tess starts to get really exhausting after awhile


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