Command Me by Geneva Lee

Well well well what do we have here.  How do we compare this to ALL the other books.  Let’s see.  Filthy rich guy, drop dead gorgeous, oozes sex, dark damaged secret.  Enters in beautiful girl, guy can’t stay away.  Ok yeah sounds like everything else.  But this one goes a little deeper.  This guy is a crowned prince, so right there the bar is automatically raised from pretty much all the others.  But that’s about it for originality.  Clara is your usual can’t think when a hot guy comes into the room.  She seems smart, she has a good job, she works.  As in she actually has a job and works, instead of having things handed to her, so that’s good, but she also has money.  She seems determined to put her foot down when Alexander pisses her off, but we all know that lasts about 10 seconds before the sex starts.  Other than that, it’s your typical book.


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