Conquer Me by Geneva Lee book 2

I think the best part of this book, was reading the snarky remarks made by Alexander’s family and “friends” towards Clara.  It actually had me feeling really bad for her, mostly because I could seriously relate having been there.  There’s nothing more horrible than trying to prove to a family that you exist, when in their eyes not only do you not exist, but you are beneath them.  I was starting to get a little pissed off at Alexander for not really speaking up for her, until much later on.  Not much has changed between these two.  He wants her, but there’s limits blah blah blah, he has to think about his future since one day he’ll be King, his life is already planned.  She’s American, although she doesn’t really claim that she is.  Typical stuff.  This picks up a few months after book 1 left off.  But of course they’re both walking around moping, acting like they can’t live without eachother, but of course Clara runs back to him the moment an opportunity presents itself because “I just have to”.  Seriously?  Anyways, it has an interesting ending, so I’m curious to see how book 3 will play out.


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