Hard Limit by Meredith Wild

So, I had to go back to books 1-3, because I had forgotten what the books were about by the time this book came out, much like the crossfire series, when book 4 finally made it’s presence. So I had to remind myself that I in fact do really like Blake and Erica and I like them a lot, and we weren’t far into the book before Sophia’s nosy ass came in starting some crap, and in come my eye roll, and I wanted nothing more than for Erica to punch her in the face.
There were some moments where I wanted to punch Erica myself. I literally couldn’t deal with her anymore. She would constantly pick a fight with Blake, I swear just to hear herself talk. It wasn’t until she practically forced Blake to show her the club against his will, and when she finally saw what his world use to be she sat there and basically cried like a little bitch. No no Erica, you wanted to see remember? Grow some balls. So, I may like them together, but I think I actually hate Erica. She’s annoying as hell. Anyways, sadly this book didn’t end. There’s still 1 more book. Great.


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