Her Master’s Courtesan by Lily White

Holy Fucking Shit.  This book was absolutely insane.  This book wasn’t unicorns and rainbows with cotton candy and pie, with a side of hot alpha billionaire meets awkward girl that’s not ordinary yet stands out from every other girl in the world and they fall in love and she later on becomes Mrs. Alpha Billionaire and they live happily ever after.  This book was Aiden Oliver.  Dark Twisted Master Aiden Oliver who is a son of a bitch, but he’s also sexy and hot.  Oh he also kidnaps unsuspecting women, and trains them to become ‘courtesans’ and then they’re turned over to the men who buys them.  His latest victim.  Rebecca.  Rebecca was a fighter, and made sure to challenge Aiden, when he tried everything to break her, including fighting his need of wanting her.  He used her.  He abused her.  He treated her like shit, and humiliated her, but she never gave him 100% submission.  I’m glad this didn’t end with a cliffhanger.  But I do highly recommend it.   This was a very disturbing book.  Which means I LOVED IT.  The more disturbing, the better!  Well done author, well done!


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