Crown Me by Geneva Lee (Royals Saga #3)

Loved loved loved it. The only thing I hated more was the crushing blow of finding out, that there will in fact be a 4th book. Way to go Geneva. Way to go for ruining my life, because who knows how long I will now have to wait for that.

So this book picked right up where book 3 left off. Alexander has proposed to Clara, and they’re planning the wedding. More like Clara is planning the wedding, because I don’t think guys really have much say in planning. The King still goes on his merry way of treating Clara like crap. Shit hits the fan when Clara finds out that she is still be stalked by her ex boyfriend and Alexander has been keeping this from her. This is all information we knew from book 2, so I’m not giving anything away. I don’t want to give anything away, but this was really good, full of some drama, as well as some unexpected twists and a few things that were clearly predicted that I totally called from the beginning. There was also a case where Alexander was being a complete dick and by then I was ready for Clara to just leave his ass, since he was basically going to not be who he was, but he prevailed. Read the book, and let’s be pissed and wait for book 4.


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