A Dominant Fallen by Lena Black

Nook, Nook, Nook, Nook.  Book 1, was all about the word Culling or Cull.  Book 2, is all about the word Nook.  This word is used so many times, you start to doubt your own existence.  Well about the book.  Don’t worry, it’s still just as horrible as book 1.  In fact, it was my own fault for even reading book 2, when I rated book 1 so horribly.  I was HOPING this would be better.  Benefit of the doubt I guess.  I think a part of me was like “well, let’s see where this train wreck is headed”  and then a few pages in I was all “yep, still a train wreck”, Gabrielle is still a complete idiot, and she’s naive, to everything around her, she’s selfish, with no feelings towards anyone but herself, no shocker there.  I mean heaven forbid Damien who runs his own company cancels on her to do what he does which is actual work.  What does she do, she marches right up there, basically demanding why he canceled lunch, never mind it’s a legitimate work reason.  So then she’s standing there looking stupid, and they’re all “oh Damien, you have a feisty one” no, that’s code for “you really picked a dumb one”.  I’ve said it before, that this is the most unrealistic relationship there ever was, because there relationship is only sex.  That’s it. There’s nothing else. They know nothing about each other.  The whining is exhausting.  Gabrielle is exhausting.  This book is exhausting.  I think it’s safe to say I’m done with this author.

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