Be Mine Forever Bennett Series Book 3 by Kennedy Ryan

I think of all the Bennett series, this one had to be my favorite. I think one of the reasons I’m a fan of Kennedy Ryan is because her books are very well written. Her stories actually have a storyline, as well as a background, and isn’t immediately about sex that’s happening 3 and 4 times a chapter where you find yourself rolling your eyes, and skimming past it, and OMG look it’s a lead heroine that doesn’t think with her vagina. That’s rare in itself right there. High five ladies.   But you do find yourself immediately immersed, where you get to a point where you feel like you actually know the character.

Book 3 of the Bennett series is about Jo and Cam. These were characters I found myself always intrigued about, because I wasn’t a fan of the Kerris/Walsh/Cam situation, and I remember even saying that I didn’t want Kerris to not be with either of them. Now that we’ve moved on from them, Cam seems to have made a life of himself, and moved on from the love triangle that was, and he’s gotten himself together. He’s finally admitted to himself that hey, maybe I do have feelings for this person that I’ve been trying to tell myself I didn’t for my entire life. Then there’s Jo, whose basically been trying to tell Cam that she’s in love with him, without actually taking out a billboard ad (Which let’s be honest, I’m almost surprised she didn’t). The only thing that bothered me and I mentioned before was that while I appreciated the work Jo and her family were known for, the constant designer drop was a bit annoying, it was a “hey let me grab my birkin bag while I go get these kids from Haiti adopted” Fierce. (My sarcasm is showing) Other than that, the book was amazing. I’m glad it’s over, because it couldn’t have ended any better than it did. Everything tied together perfectly, and I look forward to seeing what else Kennedy Ryan has in store for us.

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