Strapped by Nina G Jones

So, I’m a HUGE fan of Ms.Jones after reading Debt, so coming into Strapped, I had HIGH expectations, and was prepared to be amazed, and was almost drooling as I opened my kindle and prepared to be immersed in a world of pure lust. So imagine my surprise when I was about 20% in, and I thought to myself “what the hell is this?” I haven’t been this disappointed in a book in a long time, and frankly have nothing positive to say about this book, so therefore I’ll make this review about all the bad things I hated, so yes this will contain spoilers. In fact just read this review to not read the book.
The main character is Shyla Ball. To sum her up in one word, she’s a complete idiot. She seems to have an ok life, with an ok boyfriend, with an ok job, then meets handsome man in coffee shop, who offers her a job she can’t refuse. Shyla then from what I can see has basically made up a relationship between her and Taylor, on the grounds that Taylor has looked at her, or bought her gifts, because she’s “Special, and they share a connection” because he allows her to touch her, because he has a weird issue and can’t be touched by anyone. She then finds herself jealous if another woman is around him. Never mind that she herself has a boyfriend that she’s contemplating to breakup with, to be with Taylor, even though Taylor hasn’t made a single move to be with her. She’s constantly having her inner voice saying “I can’t tell anyone what’s going on between me and Taylor” Again, this is all in her head, however again THERE IS NOTHING GOING ON BETWEEN THEM. Am I the only one that’s noticed she’s made up a relationship between the 2 of them? But she also doesn’t want to break up with her boyfriend in case Taylor doesn’t want her, because she doesn’t want to be alone. So basically Shyla is a manipulative shrew. Fast forward some useless chapters, and wow they finally have sex. And yes, even that is boring. So now Shyla has cheated on her boyfriend. So now she’s a whore. Finally they decide to do the whole relationship thing, but Taylor basically says to be cautious of who you tell. She “cleverly” disguises his name in her phone to Mr. Sexypants. Ok great, Shyla has the brainpower of a 14 year old. Then there’s her whole “oops I just name dropped my boyfriend”
Here’s what I want to do. Basically tell Shyla to go fuck herself. I seriously can’t believe that this story was done by the same author that wrote Debt. It just can’t be. This book is a hot mess. The entire story line is a hot mess. It’s boring, it’s cheap. The writing itself is childs play. There’s no chemistry between the two main characters. I wanted to like this, and I don’t even think I’m going to bother finishing the series because I could care less what happens to them. They could all die for all I care.

1 star out of 5

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