Looking for Beta Readers!


I am looking for Beta Readers to read my first novel entitled ‘Incapable.’

As a Beta Reader, you’ll get a first look at my book and give me your opinion! If you decide to become a Beta reader, you will give me your complete thoughts, constructive criticism and tell me where and if the story needs extra work, where it needs improvement, your overall opinion, or basically…if the story SUCKS.  Trust me I can take it.  No sense in being nice for my sake.  It is an Erotic Romance, so if that’s your genre, then I welcome you.  I also HIGHLY encourage you to look out for the plot, pacing, grammar, any editing discrepancies, etc..  If you are interested in becoming a Beta Reader send me a message at pkyles3@gmail.com.  With the subject line Beta Reader.  I only have a few spots available.  Thank you!


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