Where the Ivy Hides by Kimber S Dawn

I’m normally a really huge fan of this author, and so far I’ve loved ALL of the Roman books, for their darkness, so I was excited to see the Ivy book come out, because I wanted to know what happened to her, and I must say of the entire series, I was really disappointed. This review will contain spoilers.

There were times I felt like I was reading a completely different book in the middle of reading the book. We all know how the last book left off with Winter Ivy being kidnapped, so she basically lives a completely new life which is where this book starts out.
And that’s how this book starts. Her new life. Ok. I get that. Her new life, where she’s basically a strung out drug addict, that can’t get her crap together. It starts to become exhausting, and repetitive. Finally, she screws up hard enough to the point where she’s in a crazy accident to where she meets her parents. You know the ones she was kidnapped from. Here’s what I don’t understand. They just magically appeared. After all these years, they show up out of nowhere and they’re there. Oh, and let’s also not bring up the fact that Rome, her brother KNEW where she’s been this entire time and didn’t say anything. Let’s also not bring up the fact that Roman and his wife ‘Mouse’ all of a sudden are acting like the freaking Beaver family. What happened to the Roman from the other books? The one that was killing women, and was this brutal man. Instead we have the muppets. It was almost disgusting. There was no power exchange. I guess I didn’t realize they would turn into softies upon having kids. The book was ok, but I liked her other work better. 2 stars.

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