Roman by Kimber S. Dawn

This book was absolutely insane. Having read this authors prior book That which Destroys Me, I knew to be prepared for it. It was well written. When it said dark and twisted, it definitely was dark and twisted. With that being said I now feel the need to add in some spoilers.
This book has 2 characters. Roman, who is a sadistic, ruthless son of a bitch. And Heather, who is basically, well I can only describe her as being the ignorant, brainless, senseless, moronic, naive and well basically I’m running out of ways to call her a stupid bitch. Roman has this “issue” with wanting to kill people, and has so far killed 12. Heather is a cop. Heather has bragged at least twice about graduating at the top of her class. It was failed to put in this book that Heather is as bright as a squirrel trying to make a decision to cross the street. She has so many chances to escapes but doesn’t. So knowing the facts about Roman, Heather willingly gives herself to him, because someone should love him. He’s lovable. Roman show her this love by basically beating the shit out of her, and raping her on a daily basis. Of course this still seems normal to Heather. It gets so bad, at some point he has to call a surgeon in, to look at her face, and she looks the surgeon in his eyes and basically says that her face being all jacked up, is not due to Roman beating the daylights out of her. So we’ve concluded Heather is crazy and frankly should have been killed in the first half of the book, to put us readers out of the misery of this character. I’m giving this book 3 stars mostly due to the fact it’s too reminiscent of the book That which destroys me. It’s almost the same with some name changes, still has the sadistic sadist character, and basically ends the same way. It would have been nice to know how he killed her and what happened to the baby. Other than that, I give it 3 stars out of 5. I probably won’t read the second book if it’s similar.


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